Connecting Homes to Owners, Socially Speaking

Often times when it comes to the building industry, a gap exists between the homebuilder and the people who are actually purchasing homes. It seems that many builders simply post content onto their Facebook page or Twitter feed, and it instantly disappears into cyberspace, never really impacting or moving buyers from the time it’s posted to the time they move into their new home.

We’ve learned through basic marketing strategies that Facebook ads are a very simple and literal solution to this problem, because ads allow builders to target their market more specifically based on gender, age, location, etc. It’s really a marketer’s dream! But what separates AVERAGE JOE Builder from HOME Builder is that HOME Builder creates engagement with their future homeowners.

Sending prospects direct mail, encouraging them to show up at grand opening events created with the whole family in mind, and responding to prospects promptly on social media platforms are just a few of the many strategies that successful builders employ when they want to create meaningful relationships with the people that will live in their neighborhoods.

There is a BIG difference between builders who engage with their buyers and those that do not. We love working with companies that use social media as a means of connecting to their buyers, creating trust and building bridges between homes and owners. And remember, it’s not just about drawing people in to your sales process…it’s about keeping them there with you once you’ve made that initial connection.

Trust us when we say that you’ll BE successful if you focus on creating real relationships with potential buyers. Listen to their wants and needs. There doesn’t have to be any mystery involved when it comes to connecting homes to owners using social media!

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