Creating YOUR Community

Here’s the thing on Creating Your Community. The hardest part should also be the easiest part.

There’s a few steps to take once you’ve made the initial decision to take your brand/product/service into a social space.

1. You need goals and a plan of action, otherwise known as a strategy. By the way, your strategy can be 1 or 2 pages, it doesn’t need to be a novel, just a guide.

2. You need a BLOG. I know, I heard you sigh. But, a blog will get you what you want…and that is to be found, right?

3. You need to start. Remember up above, when I said that the hardest part should be the easiest? Well this-is-it. Getting started for some is like admitting you have a problem for others. It’s the hardest thing to do! I’m right there with you, I’ve been through it…getting started. HOWEVER, it must be done. The fear needs to be accepted and you need to start. Saying HELLO is a great beginning!

4. You need to continue once you’ve started. Continuance is the path to a successful social community.

5. Finally, you need to have patience. What’s that I hear? Sounds like impatience already! Well, my friends, the biggest reward lies in having the patience to receive it. Creating a social community takes time. People need to learn that you are a trustable source, that you are the go-to person and that you are going to continue to give them what they want from you. It’s actually pretty simple, but it takes time create.

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